What To Expect From Our Window Cleaning Services

If you are a first time client, Healthienvironments will come out and give you a free bid. In most cases, you do not have to be at home. We will come out and count your windows from the outside. The price is based on the number and type of windows not the size or height. Every client gets the same consideration on bidding a window cleaning job. We do not price gouge those in certain zip codes or residential development. Our technicians are always cautious of preserving your landscaping and putting furniture back in it’s place or anything that must be moved. Our technicians will put drop cloths down to protect floors, remove shoes or put shoe covers on, will move furniture without scratching floors and move it back and hold back all draperies to make sure not to drip on them.

Healthienvironments hand-washes your windows and doors inside and outside for pristine streak free glass. Never have your window power or pressure washed. This will cause broken thermo seals or fogging to develop in the future. We do not use a water pole system that leaves water on the glass and spots.

Healthienvironments offers you the following exterior services in the DFW area:
• Cobb Web, Dirt Dauber & Wasp Nest Removal Around The Windows
• Frame Cleaning
• Awning Cleaning
•Soft Washing
•Power Washing

Healthienvironments – Offers you the following interior services:
• Window Lock Cleaning
• Inside Screens & Frames
• Inside Tracks